Future Internet and Global Computing: Services, Architectures, Models and Performance Evaluation

The GII Doctoral School 2012 aims to provide high level lectures on new performance methodologies applied to cutting edge systems and to highlight the directions of future research. The topics that will be covered from a performance and business perspective are as follows:
  • Future Internet
  • Global Computing
  • Game-Decision Theory
The above three topics will be developed in six modules through lectures carried out by researchers with an excellent scientific reputation at an international level. The technical program outlines the schedule for the modules. Three credits (CFU) will be given for each module upon successful completion of a final test.

The GII school lasts two weeks and is structured in two parts. The first eight working days will include international lectures from academy and industrial research centers. The last two days will be devoted to the InfQ2012 workshop (http://www.infq.it/) which aims to provide a forum for both PhD students and postdocs to present and debate their research work in the above areas. Roughly speaking, InfQ2012 is structured into regular paper sessions and a PhD defense corner.

During the paper sessions, which will be chaired by PhD students, regular papers will be presented. All the submitted papers will be peer reviewed by at least three reviewers, and referee reports will be used by students to improve the quality of their papers. The TPC will then select the best papers for fast tracking to a number of top journals which are notified in the call for papers. Since InfQ2012 must be regarded as a forum and springboard for students and young researchers, if time permits we will also allow the presentation of papers which received a borderline evaluation.

The InfQ PhD defense corner provides an environment for doctoral students to present and discuss their dissertation research both with their peers and experienced researchers from academia and industry. In addition to providing feedback and advice, this forum will provide an opportunity for students to network as well as to practice presenting their research clearly and concisely. This forum is best suited to senior PhD students, who will be in their final year. They will need to have developed a mature research dissertation topic and framework and be far enough into their PhD to have a concrete presentation, outlining the key challenges they plan to solve as well as the strategies and methods that are applicable. The feedback at InfQ will help the PhD students to fine-tune their thesis, and also help them address additional items in their research.

At the end of each day there might also be more informal meetings in the form of question and answer sessions between students and lecturers/professors (the majority of whom will be from outside Italy) so that students can ask questions, for example, regarding research opportunities at the universities or companies where the lecturers/ professors are based, in order to broaden the discussions developed during the theoretical lessons. Thus the students will be able to have a wider perspective of what happens in other countries.